Friday, August 29, 2008

PG$E v. SF Clean Energy

Rough. PG$E keeps trying to make this argument that we should oppose Prop H and keep paying for their dirty energy. I think that one of their main points is that keeping our energy dirty will keep it reliable, but I can't quite make out what they're saying over the sound of their equipment exploding all over the city. And by "exploding" I mean multiple manhole covers violently flying into the air:

"Another sewer frisbee went flying at 8:55 last night at Stockton and O'Farrell when a PG&E transformer fire triggered an underground explosion. No one was hurt, thankfully."

There's also a fantastic article in the Guardian about the blank check that PG$E has written to oppose Prop H. They've been sparing no expense in purchasing the illusion of grassroots support. They even went so far as to pay for a ballot argument from the SF Republican Party. The article also gives an excellent profile of PG$E's record of lining SF politician's pockets.

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