Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WED: Reverend Billy Preaches for Prop H!

We just got a invite, looks like Rev. Billy is in town to talk about Prop H!


Fret not about coming economic and climate disasters. The good Reverend is coming to soothe your troubled soul and to preach the good news of Prop H and 100% clean energy for San Francisco.



This Wednesday, October 1st
8:00 PM
Noe Valley Ministry
1201 Sanchez Street at 24th, San Francisco
Parking available. We encourage bikes and MUNI
$10 or pay what you can

Don't miss this family friendly event.

For more info on Prop h visit http://sfcleanenergy.org

And check out www.revbilly.com for more information about his California tour.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Critical Mass Tonight - Join Us !!!

Hey Friends...

If you are able, please join us tonight at Critical Mass.  We just printed 2,000 of the above stickers and the goal is to plaster the city with them over the next few weeks.  We are hoping to enlist fellow bikers tonight at Critical Mass to help in the cause.  Come out and join us!! It's looking like it will be a beautiful night to go out for a ride with a few hundered fellow bikers.

Where: Justin Herman Plaza (Just look around for us... we'll be handing out stickers)
When: 5:45 tonight, Friday the 26th (the ride dosen't start until 6:30 - so arrive when you can)

If you're staying in for the debate but would like to help in some fashion this weekend, you can join us as we walk the Castro on Saturday to do a Prop H literature drop.  

Where: Global Exchange Office (2017 Mission - Cross street is 16th)
When: 10 a.m. Saturday morning

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at dirtytruth@letsgreenwashthiscity.org 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Party with CAKE (the band) for Prop H; Critical Mass; Lit drops & More!

Hey Green Guerrilla Network –

Lot's of excitement with the Prop H campaigning.  Join in!

  • Come precinct walk with us and win a FREE ticket and access to a pre-party with CAKE!  For every precinct you walk – you get an extra raffle ticket and increased odds for winning.  This Saturday is our day to target swing districts with our beautiful & powerful new literature and window signs. Meet up at Global Exchange office (2017 Mission, cross is 16th) at 10 am on Saturday.   Spread the word…. And drop me a line if you might make it, and let me know what type of bagel will motivate you.  We have a great outreach plan – and we need all of us to execute it!
  • Brand new stickers mocking PG&E and promoting PG&E will be released to the public for Critical Mass this Friday!  Meet up at 5:30 on Friday in front of the Noah's bagels store. After-mass-party and BBQ at the Sanchez office on Valencia and 21st. You in?! 
  • Come Party for Green Jobs & Prop H this Saturday!  DJ Rizzo, Hip Hop Congress, Youth Speaks artists and lots more!  A national day of action for green jobs must be celebrated in style. Check out the details!
  • Prop H in the news... both good & bad. Great coverage on our groundbreaking climate opportunity via Prop H is popping up all over -- including Bill McKibben's video blog posting, the exposure of PG&E funding the  and today's story quoting Green Guerrillas's exposure of PG&E's greenwashing via museum sponsorship.  We may or may not hit up that event this weekend.  There is a sad article in the AsianWeekly about "Chinese Community Says No to Prop H"- which clearly comes straight out of PG&E's PR office. PG&E pays people to blog and comment against this prop -- and we need volunteers like you, people who genuinely believe in the cause -- to counter. Let us know if you want to be part of the Rapid Response Media team.
So much going on!  But most important... Can you come to Critical Mass and/or Literature Dropping on Saturday ?

- Aliza & Green Guerrillas Against Greenwash

P.S. If you can't make this Friday or Saturday – but have other times available to help – drop a line and we'd love to find a way to plug you in, so that you can be part of making history and passing the most dramatic climate policy to date!

Aliza Wasserman
Green Guerrillas Against Greenwash

"If you think mitigated climate change is expensive, try unmitigated climate change."

- Dr. Richard Gammon, University of Washington, on the steps of the US Congress, 6/28/99

"Campaign finance reform is climate protection."
anonymous, 2007

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PG&E: Monopolizing Our Grid As Well As Our Public Forums

We had a quick guerrilla action this morning at PG$E's downtown office where they were hosting a Chamber of Commerce sponsored event that was focused on the theme: "How Business Can Preserve the Planet."  Of course Gavin Newsom, PG$E's favorite spokesman, was there to give a talk entitled "San Francisco: America's Greenest City."  Wow!  Imagine that... Gavin giving a self-congratulatory speech.  I'm sure he threw much praise in the direction of his wonderful benefactor PG$E as well. 

So we decided to show up and greet folks as they arrived with our own messaging because we think it's unacceptable that Gavin can be making claims of greatness when so much work needs to be done.  Other than sing the praises of PG$E, what is Gavin actually doing to promote sustainability in SF?  Not much, that's for sure!!

Despite Gavin's lack of leadership, SF is on the verge of becoming a beacon to cities across the US who are looking for ways to address the climate crises NOW.  If Prop H passes this November, SF will be an example of how local communities can take action to make sure that there is accountability in pursing aggressive clean energy mandates.   

So please... in any way you can, help support Prop H between now and November so that we can take back our energy grid in SF as well as our public forums.

If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, please check out Amanda Witherell's article on Prop H in the SF Bay Guardian from last week.

And please give a waive to PG$E's security team the next time you're at Market & Beale:

Friday, September 5, 2008

So what's Prop H all about...

Well if you've been following our blog recently you've noticed we here are strong supports of San Francisco's proposed Prop H. We're doing our best to get the word out that this is a well written policy that will be the impetus for real change in SF's energy future.

We would love your help in the next two months to build the necessary momentum to get Prop H passed. PG$E has already spent $500,000 to fight this because they realize the danger it poses. Just imagine if local communities start to pass similar mandates that require their local governments to ensure that their power supply is coming completly from renewable sources within three decades. Well if we pass Prop H in SF then other communities will see that it's possible and they will begin to tire of PG$E's greenwash and their failure to even keep up with conservative State mandates.

PG$E is scared!!!
They're scared that more and more communities will say no thank you to their nuclear and natural gas infrastructure. They're scared that people will begin to realize that PG$E is going to milk their old & dirty infrastructure for every last dime and that their marketing campaign to create a green image is just an attempt to give them more time to profit from dirty energy. They're scared that more and more people will begin to realize that PG$E is not the answer to our energy crises.

Please join us as we work to build a sustainable energy future for SF and in doing so make this city a beacon for other communities who are working to do the same.

If you would like to get involved please contact us at dirtytruth@letsgreenwashthiscity.org

And if you want to know more about Prop H, below are some good links to check out:

Clean Energy Act - Prop H

Campaign's website

PG&E’s First Big Lies
Editorial, San Francisco Bay Guardian, August 6, 2008

SF Girds For Its Biggest Public Power Fight Yet
SF Chronicle article, September 3, 2008