Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PG&E: Monopolizing Our Grid As Well As Our Public Forums

We had a quick guerrilla action this morning at PG$E's downtown office where they were hosting a Chamber of Commerce sponsored event that was focused on the theme: "How Business Can Preserve the Planet."  Of course Gavin Newsom, PG$E's favorite spokesman, was there to give a talk entitled "San Francisco: America's Greenest City."  Wow!  Imagine that... Gavin giving a self-congratulatory speech.  I'm sure he threw much praise in the direction of his wonderful benefactor PG$E as well. 

So we decided to show up and greet folks as they arrived with our own messaging because we think it's unacceptable that Gavin can be making claims of greatness when so much work needs to be done.  Other than sing the praises of PG$E, what is Gavin actually doing to promote sustainability in SF?  Not much, that's for sure!!

Despite Gavin's lack of leadership, SF is on the verge of becoming a beacon to cities across the US who are looking for ways to address the climate crises NOW.  If Prop H passes this November, SF will be an example of how local communities can take action to make sure that there is accountability in pursing aggressive clean energy mandates.   

So please... in any way you can, help support Prop H between now and November so that we can take back our energy grid in SF as well as our public forums.

If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, please check out Amanda Witherell's article on Prop H in the SF Bay Guardian from last week.

And please give a waive to PG$E's security team the next time you're at Market & Beale:

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