Monday, October 27, 2008

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Hey Green Guerrillas, Leaguers, and local energy advocates!

I gotta admit, I was losing all hope on Prop H
We were being outspent by PG&E so drastically, that I didn't think we had a chance. 
But new info indicates that with a little more effort we just might win this monumental renewable energy policy!

Check it out:   
  • PG&E's No on H campaign spent $5.5 million dollars through September and had $342,000 remaining in the bank.  The Yes on H! folks, to date, have raised a total of $61,059.  So PG&E's remaining pocket change was still 500% more than our war chest in early October.  Then, PG&E did a poll.  The $30,000 tab for the poll is just one of the juicy facts I found in the latest (and attached) campaign finance report.  
  • They must not have liked what the poll said, because PG&E promptly threw down $4 million in cash within 9 days!  This brings PG&E's total spending to oppose H to $9.9 million.  
This shows that even with PG&E's $5.5 million misinformation campaign -- the Yes on H! votes were likely neck-and-neck or in the lead just a couple weeks ago!   We were able to break through PG&E's lies even with our shoe-string budget.  So I now have genuine and grounded hope that with just a few hours of Y/OUR time  --- we can all combat their latest $4 million, and get our city to pass the most robust renewable energy policy ever passed in the world.  Seriously.  This will make headlines around the world.  If it passes -- this will be THE MOMENT IN HISTORY that we can look to and say that was when America stopped its reckless ways and started to take the renewable energy revolution seriously.  That has got to be worth a few hours of y/our time.  

And There are More Hopeful Signs: Many folks have been laying the groundwork for excellent late stage visibility. Now we just need a couple of your hours to make it happen.  Just yesterday, we had a segment on Channel 7 news about the morning action for Prop H that 200 college students rallied with amazing flare!!.  Today, there was a Yes on H/No on 8 rally in the Castro as well as a truck painting party to make our own mobile billboard!  Nearly every day of the week, there are Yes on H visibility efforts happening at BART stops and festivals in our target districts. We are endorsed on nearly every slate card in the city (Dems, Sierra Club, LGBT, Guardian etc.).  Last week, Mark Leno and Fiona Ma wrote an excellent Op-Ed in the Chronicle about Prop H, and many of you have been keeping the blogs and letters to the editor full of Prop H info.    Great work everyone!!  You're making a difference!!  
1) We are planning one more big action to gain favorable media. It's this Wednesday at noon in downtown SF. We will do a bit of street theater and erect three large wind turbines in front of PG&E's headquarters!!  Can you attend this lunchtime action?!  

2) We need to reach the moderate democrats who are not reading the slate cards and are just seeing the $9.9 million of No on H PR.  We have tons of powerful literature and banners -- and need your time to get it out there.  A group of people are meeting up nearly every morning to do visibility at key transit spot from 7:30 am to 9 am.  You can reach 400 people and likely change 50 votes, in this brief time slot.  Also, June created a detailed map of strategic neighborhoods that need attention --- so whatever time of the day you have available to invest in Prop H -- she can connect you with where you can have the most impact.  Call her (415-425-3733) to let her know what time this week you can make this happen! 

3) Pub crawls for Prop H!  We'll join forces with The League of Pissed Off Voters for regular pub crawls to pass out our voter guides. People love getting these guides... and we got 25,000 copies to go around!  Today, Monday, the pub crawl is in the Polk street neighborhood. Wanna join for this, or other pub crawls?  As Jeremy put it, "desperate times call for desperate measures... let's drink!"  Drop a line to Jeremy (510-207-9745) if you want to be added to the pub crawl outreach list ;) 

4) Pass along this invite to your friends who might want to get more involved with supporting historic campaign!  


peace n action! 


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