Friday, October 31, 2008

We're in the NY Times & Comedy Central! & Last Chance To Have Fun & Pass Prop H!

Hey Green Guerrillas --

So many of you have been calling to see how to get involved this weekend!  Right no!!
The Green Guerrillas will buy a free shot at our Election Night party at El Rio for everyone who shows up this weekend to help out!!   No other campaign gives out CAKE tickets and shots... we're making this easy on you ;)

Will you show up on Saturday at 10 to make this happen?!   Enjoy Halloween tonight and stumble on by tomorrow at Mission and 16th for a day of visibility. Longer list of what's going on is pasted below. Please give June or me a call (510-717-6599) with what time estimate you plan on coming by -- so we can make sure to have the food and materials and outreach plan ready for you to go and make a difference! 
ALSO -- Check out the latest media coverage -- including a New York Times piece on Prop H as California's Clean Energy Revolution and  KTVU coverage of our guerrilla action installing turnbines on PG&E HQ this week!!  Also, the  Yes on H/PG&E is f^@g over the city commercial played at 11:30 last night on Comedy Central. We're pissed that the Chronicle didn't show up for our event that had so many superlatives (most amount of money ever spent on SF election, largest renewable policy ever considered; first construction of wind turbine on PG&E's HQ;) --- but at least the NYTimes acknowledges this policy's worthiness, which we have to be stoked about, given our half-a-shoestring budget.  And here are more of Jerry's pics and blog posting, Fog City,   and longer video clips of our stunt in the Guardian blog. 

peace n action n free shots,
~~ aliza

Election day is rapidly approaching - it's time to give it all you've got for the SF Clean Energy Act (Prop H)!

You can stay out of the rain and still help Prop H this weekend.

If it's raining too much to go out and do precinct walking, join us indoors at the Prop H Action Center at Global Exchange's office at 2017 Mission street, 2nd Floor (Near 16th & Mission Streets BART).  We'll be making phone calls to voters, blogging for Prop H with a blog jam/blitz, writing letters to the editor, monitoring the radio and calling in to talk radio shows, and making banners. We'll have food and drinks to keep us going throughout the day. 

We'll be there both Saturday November 1st and Sunday November 2nd from 10am - 5pm each day. Come for a couple hours or stay all day!

For those who'd like to brave uncertain weather, we can still send you out in pairs to walk key precincts and drop literature,  to put up window signs or to do visibility at busy intersections.

Please RSVP to let us know you'll be joining us this weekend.
Contact: June at 415-618-9076 or email  to RSVP


Monday, Nov. 3

Please set aside this final day before the election to spend the whole day with the "Yes on H" campaign.  Starting as early as 6am and going into the night, we'll be doing visibility, handing out literature at key spots, making phone calls and walking key precincts. We'll plug you into a mix of your favorite activities.  Please spend as much of the day with us as you can whether you can join us for a few hours or all day!    Please RSVP to let us know you'll be there so we can plan for this big final pre-election day.  Contact: June at 415-618-9076 or email  to RSVP


ELECTION DAY Tuesday, Nov. 4

All Day 
7am-8pm on Election Day we'll be doing visibility for Prop H, GOTV and monitoring the polls to make sure all goes okay.
Please RSVP to let us know you'll be there so we can plan for election day.  
Contact: June at 415-618-9076 or email  to RSVP

After  8pm, after the polls are closed, join us at  our Election Night Victory Party with the League of Young Voters and others at El Rio bar on Mission Street.



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