Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gigantic International Postcard To Obam on Climate

Hi Green Guerrilla Network -- 

The awesome folks at Greenpeace and Sierra Club are organizing a very cool international stunt with decentralized actions to send a message to Obama's administration that climate action must be an immediate priority. Easy to plug in,,, just show up next Saturday Dec 6 at noon at Crissy Fields.  Drop a line if you want to roll over there together. 

peace n action,

Giant Postcard To Obama at UN Climate Conference

This December, world leaders will be meeting in Poznan, Poland for the UN Climate Change Conference to decide the next steps on tackling global warming. It's a perfect opportunity for President-elect Obama to send a clear message to the rest of the world that the U.S. is ready to be part of the solution. That's why on December 6th Greenpeace members will be joining people throughout the world for an International Day of Action for Climate Solutions. In the U.S., we'll be holding rallies and taking photos at iconic locations in over 30 cities to send a message to the President-elect that the American people support strong action on global warming.

What better way to send that message than with a massive 30 by 50 foot postcard -- letting our world leaders know that here in San Francisco we're ready for climate solutions! And, they'll know it's from us because we're posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We'll have a few speakers, then we'll take a massive group photo with our custom made 30 x 50 ft. banner. The very next day, our Greenpeace activists in Poland will deliver the message to climate negotiators that Americans are ready for climate solutions.

Show President-elect Obama you're serious about global warming and RSVP for the day of action in San Francisco today.

If you have any questions, you can contact Anna Wagner at

Saturday -- December 6th @ 12:00 PM

Aliza Wasserman
Green Guerrillas Against Greenwash

"If you think mitigated climate change is expensive, try unmitigated climate change."

- Dr. Richard Gammon, University of Washington, on the steps of the US Congress, 6/28/99

"Campaign finance reform is climate protection."
anonymous, 2007

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