Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today::: Biking & Movie watching for Change!

Hey Leaguers, Green Guerrilla Network & Prop Hers!  
Today is your last weekend day to help pass some of the most progressive candidates and policies ever. 
So let's spend it in style....
-  Bike ride for change!   If the weather holds up, we'll start in the Mission and ride through the Bayview -- to give out Pissed Off Voter guides to tons of new voters coming out for Obama -- and offer suggestions on all the other measures like B, H, and 8. This district is historically ignored by campaigns -- but Obama and PG&E has been mobilizing like crazy here -- so let's make sure to let folks know about the all the other opportunities to vote for change!    Then, we'll roll to a swing district of either Avalos or Mar -- and do visibility and help them out for an hour or so.  We'll also swing by El Rio and make sure everything is set for our election night party.  
Movie Watching for change!   If the weather turns rainy let's hit up a couple malls to give out literature... and then sneak in to a movie in the late afternoon!    There is no rule against taking a few hours to relax... so let's do it!    
Let's start this action at 11 am at Global Exchange HQ (MIssion at 16th), and folks can join in throughout the day at whatever time works for you.   Please give me a call with your expected time of arrival -- so we can make sure to bring enough literature. 
Wanna join the action?!   
- Aliza
Drop a line!    510-717-6599

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